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Hi everyone and welcome to my site. I’ve been living and teaching surfing in Tamarindo for nine years. I’ve taught 100s of people from beginners to intermediate surfers over the years, many of whom have become repeat students and good friends.

If you look at any Tamarindo tour site you’ll literally see dozens of places that offer surf lessons. So what sets me apart from all those places? Well the answer is simple. I don’t just give surfing lessons I teach people to surf.

My entire approach is about getting you to ride waves down the line, not straight into the beach on white water. I only have two to four students in the water at any one time. This allows me to better control wave selection and aid you in getting to your feet and turned in the direction the wave is breaking.

We do 20 minute sessions followed by a break. You will then swap places with another student to catch your breath, drink some water and learn from watching. After two sessions each we all return to the beach for a critique and a breather for the instructor. After that we return to the water and get some more waves.

There is no time limit to my lessons, we can stay out for as long as you want. Ocean and weather conditions change so it’s best to make your reservation early in your trip to make sure you have optimum conditions to learn.

My lessons are $50 PP. The instruction is personal and hands on. I guarantee you will catch and ride a wave down the line and come back smiling ear to ear or you don’t pay.

Contact Rodney to reserve your private surf lesson in Tamarindo.


(506) 8845 2168